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"A Clown Walks into an Art Studio" - 2019


An exploration into adopting archetypes of clowning and slapstick as a methodology, this participatory work provides a space for foolery! Investigating the Clown’s role as a serious one: serving an important function as a facilitator of transcendence in critiques on humour and humility.


 Allowing the permission to goof, this series plays with endurance and the relationship to failure and futility.

cool change.jpg

image by Cool Change Contemporary

"The Big Bucks Club of Perth" - 2019

A secret elite society once hidden in a basement, The Big Bucks Club is a fantastical biography - built off the delusions of grandeur experienced by the original owner of Perth business empire Fast Eddy's Cafe and my late grandfather, Ernie. 

Towers of champagne, self-appointed awards,

sacred texts and secret handshakes.


Corporate Playground - 2018



A site-specific work, Corporate Playground is a proposition, questioning what would happen when we merge play with the daily commute, through urban landscapes and environments. Interested in the notion of elevating the everyday and the spaces in between,  the work uses a common thoroughfare in the city to situate a combination of corporate furniture constructed and built into playground equipment, with the intention to provoke a simple action and attitude - to play.

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