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Sculpture by The Sea 2023 

Perth (WA)

Steel billboard, wood, shimmerwall embelishment, acrylic text. Image by Jessica Wyld


“EVERYTHING MUST GO!” invites us to contemplate the processes of loss, grief, and acceptance in a playful way, while acknowledging the duality these feelings hold for the impermanence and celebration of living.

Utilising the playfulness of materials and adopting the language and visual cues of old-fashioned billboards - with their promises of utopian destinations ahead and urgent messages of hopefulness - the billboard underscores the universally shared nature of these experiences, and suggest opportunities for agency within them.

Influenced by a nostalgia for signage observed from the backseat of the car in childhood, the appropriation of the retail slogan “Everything Must Go!” invites participants to engage in a shared, temporal contemplation of our own impermanence, on the value that this places on the present, and on our collective experiences in oscillating between loss and acceptance.

"Everything Must Go!"  project

was made possible by support and funding of the Under 15k Creative Development Grant provided by the DLGSC WA

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