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Perth (WA)

“A big-shot goes belly-up...”
                     “...I’ve heard this one before”


Have you heard the one about the artwork concerned with the delusions of grandeur that we are all susceptible to holding?


It materialised as a series of punchlines, the subject of each being the narrative of my late grandfather’s rise and fall with his business empire, Fast Eddy’s. This work negotiates the precariousness of building an entire identity around grand narratives and never imagining going belly-up, exploring the slippery distinction between humour and tragedy.

The individual works are assembled from artifacts from my grandfather’s estate and found objects that are symbolic of consumer culture’s notions of status and success. Expressed through archetypes of slapstick, they offer a transcendent tumble and crash into questioning and re-articulating their own perceptions of failure.

Hatched 2020 National Graduation Exhibition Documentaion -  Images Bo Wong

Catalogue and digital design: PICA

PICA - Go For Broke - Image Bo Wong .jpg
PICA - HATCHED 2020. Image by Bo Wong.jpg
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